Last month, Subaru released a short teaser of the upcoming Levorg Prototype, which is set to appear at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. We won’t need to wait till then to see the wagon in full, as an image of the model has appeared on an issue of Japanese magazine Web Cartop.

While it may have “Prototype” in its name, the show car looks very much ready for production, and we should expect the styling to be more or less final at this point. If what you’re looking at has an odd sense of familiarity to it, that is because the Levorg Prototype clearly resembles the Viziv Tourer Concept from last year.

The new look is clearly a lot more angular, and there are plenty of cues that gives the wagon a greater visual presence when compared to the current model. There’s a pointier front end here that is emphasised by a larger, hexagonal-shaped grille, which features a chrome strip that spans its width.

This leads to creases that cut into the kinked headlamps, while further down, there are protruding corner “inlets” that also accommodate the fog lamps. Subaru also made it a point to accentuate the lower intake as well, adding on a subtle lip at its base for good measure. As before, the bonnet scoop is retained, albeit more angular in look to match up to the rest of the design.

From this three-quarter view, we also spot squared-off wheel arches that replace the rounded ones found on the current model. The doors also have a more prominent crease at their base, while the character line further up is more flowy in appearance. As seen in the previous teaser, the Levorg Prototype sports haunches that are a lot more pronounced compared to before.

While there’s no shot of the vehicle from the rear, we know from Subaru’s teaser that the taillights are now slimmer and continue to adopt a C-shaped aesthetic, with what appears to be chrome strip linking the clusters.

GALLERY: First-gen Subaru Levorg 1.6 GT-S (Malaysia-spec)