Mitsubishi has taken the veils off its latest concept car, the MI-Tech buggy-style plug-in hybrid crossover. It’s quite a unique concept because there’s an electric motor at each wheel, enabling a function called Dual-Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC), offering high response and highly accurate acceleration and braking.

As you would find out when watching the video, the vehicle is capable of making a 180-degree turn by counter-rotating the left and right tyres. But what’s cooler is the fitment of a compact gas turbine engine-generator, which Mitsubishi claims is able to run on a variety of fuels, such as diesel, kerosene and alcohol.

The MI-Tech is also equipped with MI-Pilot, Mitsubishi’s next-generation driver assistance technology, which the company says provides support not only on highways and regular roads, but also unpaved roads. To find out more about the cool buggy concept, do watch the video above.