There’s fresh movement happening right now in Lotus. According to a report by Autocar, Lotus Engineering, which is the engineering consulting firm for third-party clients, will be expanded under the leadership of Miguel Fragoso, alongside a newly-appointed commercial director. Fragoso has kept a team working on key R&D areas such as advanced structures, dynamics, propulsion systems and electronic controls.

Previously under the stewardship of former CEO Jean-Marc Gales, Lotus Engineering’s contribution to the group’s turnover dropped to 15%, as opposed to nearly 50% before. However, Fragoso credited Gales for instilling the “financial discipline” that the consultancy didn’t have. “That made it more attractive for an investor,” he said.

Recently, the company have begun exploratory projects in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover specifically for the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board, as well as two more projects with unnamed Japanese companies.

“We’ve been able to keep some extraordinary talent,” said Fragoso. He also explained that by offering services in these areas, “we are more than subject specialists, we are a car company ourselves,” providing additional insight.

For these reasons, Fragoso said “we’re back in business.” The business focuses on two areas, one being the familiar mainstream automakers, and the other is start-up firms. Fragoso added that “we will be working with Geely” and aspires to be among the leading companies providing these services.

Lotus Engineering will have a hand in the developmental process of the electric Evija hypercar, as well as a new range of sports cars by Lotus. This will expose the company and its “talented pool of employees” to the latest technologies, which will further enable it to take on projects that align with its sports car plans.