There’s no doubting the ease of going cashless for parking with a Touch n’ Go (TnG) card, but not when you have to fork out for the convenience, in this case the 10% surcharge on top of the fee for the parking rate, a gripe we wrote about a couple of months ago.

There’s good news on this front, because TnG is set to end the surcharge imposed at parking facilities with dual payment systems, The Star reports.

Speaking in Parliament, deputy domestic trade and consumer affairs minister Chong Chieng Jen said that TnG has begun an initiative to omit the surcharge – which is a contractual obligation between the company and car park operators with dual parking systems – in all its future, or renewal of, contracts with operators.

“For existing contracts, the surcharge rate will end in stages,” he said in reply to a question raised by Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong on the matter. Chong added that there was no surcharge imposed at car parks that utilise TnG as the sole payment system – it was previously reported that there are over 200 parking locations with TnG payment and no surcharge.

As for the 50 sen surcharge that was imposed for card top-ups, Chong said there were 2,880 top-up locations out of 11,168 nationwide that did not impose the top-up surcharge. He said that consumers could carry out surcharge-free top-ups at Touch n’ Go service counters and outlets such as Watsons, Tesco, Guardian, KK Mart and Caring Pharmacy.

Previously, TnG explained that it did not impose this surcharge, but this was done by operators, with the money collected going into the operation and maintenance of the TnG infrastructure. It said the charges cater for the maintenance cost and system upgrades, which are important aspects in maintaining an efficient and hassle-free parking system to customers.