BMW has officially dropped its first teaser of the M4 GT3, which is set to be the new range-topping model in the customer racing offering. The M4 GT3 will succeed the current M6 GT3, which had won numerous championships in international race series.

Of course, the M4 GT3 will be based on the next-generation M4, and they will share the same turbocharged S58 inline-six petrol engine. Output is said to be well over 500 hp, with BMW saying that the engine and chassis of the regular M4 being “perfect” for the development of the GT3. The engine, it adds, offers explosive power delivery that can be enjoyed just as much on regular roads as it is on track.

BMW Group Motorsport director, Jens Marquardt said: “With our new GT3 project, we are emphasising the significance of BMW M Customer Racing. It is a central pillar of our motorsport programme. With the introduction of the new GT3 regulations for 2022, the BMW M4 is the perfect base. The core product from our colleagues at BMW M is yet again just great. Without wanting to give too much away, the M4 GT3 will be a real highlight in terms of optics and technology.”

BMW M CEO, Markus Flasch (pictured above) also said: “It is only logical that future top models in customer racing will be based on the next-generation BMW M4. We will already be setting new standards in terms of sporting performance in production, which is why it makes sense to present the new GT3 sports car on this platform as well.”

The M4 GT3 will be fielded for race in 2021. From the 2022 season, the race car will be accessible by privateers and privateer teams around the world. Interested parties can reach out to BMW Motorsport by email at

Meanwhile, those interested in the regular road-going M4 can look forward to having it with a manual transmission. At the BMW M Festival in South Africa recently, Flasch said purists still demand a stick shifter for performance cars like the M3 and M4, so the manual will still get another lease of life. All-wheel drive will also be introduced, but the manual will strictly be RWD, and likewise for the new M3.