Our spy photographer sources has captured images of what appears to be the first batch of development vehicles for the G82 BMW M4, along with an accompanying G80 M3 on the same transporter trailer. The forthcoming M4’s frontal treatment, unsurprisingly, is rather alike that on the G80 M3, with enlarged openings over where the oversized kidney grilles – previewed on the Concept 4 – are expected to be sit.

Below this is a front bumper that will feature enlarged, deeper intakes across its width, and this also appears to mimic the G80 M3’s asymmetric front bumper openings, also likely to accommodate the radar housing for the adaptive cruise control. More aggressive bodywork house more substantial track widths as befits an M version, and gills just aft of the front wheel arches are expected here, as on the M3.

Also following the M3/M4 design narrative for this generation is the dual-arm side mirror construction, and the coupe bodystyle is bookended at the rear with the quad tailpipe arrangement mated to a deeper rear diffuser in a more aggressive rear bumper, as on the G80 M3.

The G82 M4 should mirror the G80 M3 in its powertrain outputs, given that both bodystyles are to share the same S58 biturbo 3.0 litre inline six-cylinder engine that already serves in the X3 M and X4 M SUVs, which produces 480 hp in standard form and 510 hp in the more focused Competition guise.

Like the M SUVs, the G80 M3 and G82 M4 will both feature two states of tune for their respective powertrains, with the ‘purer’, lower-output variants available in manual transmission and rear wheel drive, while the higher-spec Competition is expected to employ an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive.

This is only the beginning of the G80 M3 and G82 M4’s respective lifecycles, which leaves room for CS variants of both the M3 and M4 later on. For now though, we can expect to see more of the G82 M4 in development as it continues to approach production readiness.

GALLERY: G80 BMW M3 spyshots