If you’ve darkened your vehicle windscreen and front windows past the permissible level, you could be in for a triple whammy when caught. The road transport department (JPJ) has warned that motorists who commit tint offences will be issued a summons for each glass panel that flouts the law, meaning that up to three summonses can be issued.

The fun doesn’t end there. According to Terengganu JPJ director Zulkarnain Yasin, summonses will be issued to the owner of the vehicle even if the car is being driven by another person during the time of the offence, as Harian Metro reports.

“For window tint offences, we will issue a summons based on each offence. For example, if the driver commits three misdemeanors, having tint levels beyond that allowed by the law for the driver’s side window, the front passenger side windowr and the windshield, three summonses will be issued to the driver.”

“If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, then the owner will also be penalised, making for six summonses in all, three for the driver and three for the owner,” he said following the conclusion of a special window tint enforcement operation in the state.

A total of 781 notices were issued, including 338 summonses, during the two-day operation. Five vehicles were also seized during the exercise, which was carried out in three locations in collaboration with the police and immigration departments. He said that most of the window tint offences involved private vehicles, especially luxury cars.

The current regulations stipulate that the front windscreen and front side windows need to have a minimum visible light transmission (VLT) of 70% and 50% respectively, while the rear side windows and rear windscreen are not restricted, effectively allowing 0% VLT. Motorists looking to darken their vehicle completely will be able to lower the VLT levels of the front windscreen and front driver/passenger side windows but need to specifically apply for this, and there is cost involved.