We love a feel good story, and a recent one from Lamborghini is certainly nothing short of heartwarming. In its 2019 Christmas video, the Italian carmaker wanted to showcase “real Lamborghini lovers,” and they certainly found just that in Sterling Backus and his 12-year-old son Xander.

The backstory here is that Xander is a big fan of Lamborghini, and he loves racing the Aventador in video games with his dad. One day, he decides to ask his dad if they could build a real Aventador, and for the past two years, the father-son team have been creating a life-size replica of the Aventador SV in their garage in Erie, Colorado, USA, using a 3D printer.

While the project is still an ongoing one, the pair managed to create a car that bore some resemblance to the real thing, which was also capable of moving under its own power, albeit not at the same performance level. Eventually, the passion and dedication exhibited by Sterling to fulfil his son’s request with the replica project soon captured the attention of news outlets, and Lamborghini thereafter.

To show their gratitude towards the Lamborghini lovers, the carmaker sent a camera crew to the Backus home on the pretense of featuring the family in a special holiday video. What the family – aside from Sterling – didn’t know was their replica car would also be secretly swapped out in the wee hours of the morning.

A few days before Christmas, both father and son opened the garage door to find a real, black Aventador S instead of their replica model. Suffice to say, the look on young Xander’s face says it all, as his dream came true, even for a few days. Sadly, the car isn’t a permanent addition to the family, as it is on loan for a few weeks just for the family’s enjoyment.

“Automobili Lamborghini is against any attempt at counterfeiting. However, a true story of such authentic passion deserves to be featured, which is why we chose to tell of Sterling’s and Xander’s project in our 2019 Christmas video,” said Katia Bassi, chief marketing and communication officer of Automobili Lamborghini.