Bentley has dropped yet another teaser of the Mulliner Bacalar, a brand new coach-built luxury car that was supposed to be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show this week. In case you hadn’t known, the event has been called off, but expect the Mulliner Bacalar to make its debut this month nonetheless.

According to a very brief press release by Bentley, the car will be exquisitely hand-built by Bentley Mulliner, and it’s meant to showcase the future of coachbuilding. As you can tell from the photo, the Bacalar will be a two-seater car, which is the brand’s second two-seater model since 1930.

The car features a “wraparound cockpit” and very intricately stitched front seats, and comes complete with a bespoke pair of travel cases trimmed to match the interior materials. Bentley says all the materials used are sustainably sourced and meticulously hand-built by its Mulliner division.

Before you jump the gun, the two-seater Bacalar won’t be a sports car, but will be a grand tourer, albeit in its “most exhilarating” guise. Previously, Bentley teased its alloy wheel design, with a tyre profile indicating a wheel size of 23 inches, which should complement the car’s lengthy proportions. Just 12 units of the Mulliner Bacalar will be built, but expect all of them to be snapped up.