SPYSHOTS: Audi e-tron GT spotted running road tests

SPYSHOTS: Audi e-tron GT spotted running road tests

It has been some time – a year and three months, to be a little more precise – since the Audi e-tron GT was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and with an early prototype out testing in the cold as spotted by our spy photographers, the German marque appears to be on target for its planned 2020 debut for the all-electric gran turismo.

The camouflage foil hides some of the production e-tron GT’s finer details, however the broader strokes are still evident. These include the sculpting of the front bumper and its central, lower air intake and even the basic locations of the scalloped bonnet’s shutlines, which like the concept car, terminate at the front end inboard of the headlamps.

Here, the headlamps themselves appear to use DRL elements similar to those on the 2018 concept car. Less obvious but still somewhat visible is the location of the battery charging door, which is revealed by the joints in the camouflage foil to be around the same area as on the concept car, just aft of the front left wheel arch.

SPYSHOTS: Audi e-tron GT spotted running road tests

Further along the length of the e-tron GT, the side mirrors also appear similar in shape to those on the concept car, albeit slightly larger here in production form. The crease lines also appear largely as they were on the concept, which go from the front fenders into the front doors, with a second and third set joining the front and rear doors, and the rear doors to the rear quarter panels, respectively.

Of course, conventional door handles now feature. Behind the camouflage foil at the car’s rear end also appear to be tail lights which are very similar, if not identical to the 2018 concept car’s, down to the inclusion of the full-width light bar and the bootlid-mounted registration plate mount.

Given that the e-tron GT shares a platform with the production Porsche Taycan which stayed faithful to its concept’s design, it perhaps shouldn’t be too surprising that the productionised e-tron GT similarly stays close to its own concept form.

As for the electric powertrain, the e-tron GT concept featured a dual-motor setup which produced 582 hp for both axles, giving the car a 0-100 km/h time of 3.5 seconds, or 0-200 km/h in just over 12 seconds. Some way behind its top Taycan Turbo S platform relative, though there is still some time before the e-tron GT itself takes a bow publicly, and like the Taycan, versions with at least two power outputs are likely.

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