Say what you will, but the Alfa Romeo Giulietta has enjoyed a mighty long run – 10 years to be exact. It’s finally on the way out and will be succeeded by the forthcoming Tonale SUV, according to Autocar.

Company product marketing boss, Fabio Migliavacca said the Giulietta is expected to finish its life at the end of this year. To have the Tonale, an SUV, as a successor to the hatch may seem like an odd strategy, but Migliavacca said the trend is to have SUVs in the C-segment.

In fact, he said the engineers are focused on ensuring that the Tonale would have the same driving dynamics as the Giulietta. “We don’t expect driving dynamics to be a weak point for the Tonale,” he added.

Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV concept

The Tonale is positioned below the Stelvio and will be Alfa Romeo’s first plug-in hybrid model. It’s set to share the same electrified architecture as fellow FCA sibling Jeep Compass PHEV, which promises a pure electric driving range of 48 km.

Migliavacca said that although the Tonale PHEV will have commonalities with the Compass, it will still be an Alfa Romeo. “For the performance side of things, it will be an Alfa Romeo. Every single brand in FCA keeps its identity even with shared elements,” he explained. The Tonale is expected to be making its debut later this year, but the unveiling event may be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.