There’s nothing not good about this video. Two of the most famous A90 Toyota Supras in the world, two of the best drifters you can find, and McDonald’s. The Drift Twins in question are the HKS and Monster-liveried Supra drift cars, piloted by ex D1 champions Nobuteru Taniguchi and Daigo Saito, respectively.

Saito san, the rounder of the two drift kings, had a growling tummy, so the duo headed to a McDonald’s drive-thru. After ordering their Hapi Seto, both men and their Supras were sent through a drift circuit with very yummy obstacles. Think McD’s icons such as the Big Mac, McNuggets and of course, fries!

It’s lovely to watch, not just for the entertainment, but the precision driving at the limit (or rather beyond the limits), with millimetres to spare. Donuts around fries while eating, you really gotta check this video out.

Now, why does this video even exist, you ask? The fast foot giant is teaming up with Toyota Gazoo Racing for the former’s Happy Meals, which for a limited time in Japan will come with a red Toyota GR Supra as the customary toy. You can see the Tomica at the end of the video, where Saito and Taniguchi munch on their well-deserved lunch.

If you’ve seen these drift beasts on this channel before, it’s from our coverage of the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon, which could have been called the 2020 Suprafest accurately. Both are powered by the legendary 2JZ-GTE engine from the A80 Supra, tuned by HKS to 800 hp from a 3.4 litre block.

While they share the same heart, both D1GP Supras have a different style. Taniguchi’s HKS-liveried A90 wears the famous tuner’s own widebody kit with a mega GT wing, whereas Saito’s Monster Supra – prepped by his own Fat Five Racing garage – slaps on a Pandem Rocket Bunny kit. Which do you prefer? For a better look at both cars, along with an army of tuned A90s in various styles, click here.

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