Hailing from Spain and now open for pre-orders is the 2020 Pursang E-Track electric motorcycle (e-bike), priced at 13,700 euros (RM65,790). Reborn from Spanish motocross bike brand Pursang which ceased production in 1984, the E-Track is the brain child of Jim Palau-Ribes, who previously worked with Mazda, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Lamborghini, Seat, Audi and GASGAS-Torrot.

Styling on the E-Track with its carbon-fibre bodywork is very much flat tracker/retro scrambler, in keeping with current motorcycle marketing trends. Motive power comes from an 11 kW Bosch electric motor with the battery pack made up of three 48 volt, 2.4 Kw/h batteries, giving a total of 7.2 kW/h.

The battery pack takes six hours to come to a full charge using domestic current and is also capable of being charged from any public charging station. Range for the E-Track is claimed to be 140 km with a governed top speed of 120 km/h.

There are three ride modes available – Boost mode gives 80 km at full power while Cruise allows the rider to achieve 120 km range in and around the city. Go mode gives a theoretical 160 km total range with the average of the three modes being 140 km.

Primary drive on the E-Track is by belt with final drive by chain. Of note is the chain tensioner, something commonly found on motocross bikes and in keeping with the dirt oriented styling of the E-Track.

Braking is by J Juan with a single 320 mm diameter floating disc in front and a 240 mm unit at the back. The E-Track uses Olle RG6V 41 mm forks and an Olle adjustable monoshock, with weight claimed to be 147 kg and seat height at 815 mm.