Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity and Bosch, known for its vehicle safety products and initiatives, has developed Bosch Help Connect to improve emergency aid response for bikers. This digitally connected emergency call system draws data from the motorcycle’s Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and automatically sends a signal to emergency services should data exceed its programmed parameters.

The sensor differentiates between whether the motorcycle has been involved in an accident, or whether a mishap has caused it to fall over when being parked. This is done by collecting data from the IMU a hundred times a second, measuring acceleration and angular velocity.

This allows the IMU to calculate the the motorcycle’s current position and angle of lean. A separate module or control unit is not required, making Help Connect easy to integrate into current Bosch IMUs.

Connecting to Bosch’s Vivitar app installed on the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth, a call is sent via Bosch’s call centre to emergency services. Integration to the vehicle manufacturer’s proprietary app is also possible, as well as automatic transmission of medical data and notification of other parties such as next-of-kin or emergency contacts.

With all smartphones having GPS functionality, locating the rider in event of separation from the motorcycle is also made easier. The service is initially available for customers in Germany with access to the Help Connect system in English or German from any country in Europe.