Arguably the market leader in terms of adventure touring motorcycles, BMW Motorrad is commemorating 40 years of the GS, or Gelande Strasse, with the 2020 BMW Motorrad F750GS, F850GS and F850GS Adventure. Remaining mechanically identical to the current year models, the “40 Years GS Edition” F-series GS machines come with new graphics and some technical updates.

Also updated are new LED flashing turn indicators as standard and a USB charging port located inside the cockpit. For increased safety in the F-series GS machines, ABS Pro and DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) are now also standard.

For the engine, the F-series adventure tourers come with a liquid-cooled four-valve, parallel-twin engine displacing 853 cc with six-speed gearbox and chain final drive. The F750GS produces 77 hp at 7,500 rpm and 83 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm, while the F850GS and F850GS Adventure deliver 95hp at 8,250 rpm and 92 Nm of torque at 6,250 rpm.

Starting with the F750GS, priced at RM71,500 for the 2019 model, the 40 Years GS Edition comes with the “40 Years” logo on the fairing side panels, rims painted matte black, silver handlebars and a galvanised radiator cowl. This is matched with yellow hand-protectors and seat in a black and yellow combination with GS logo, resembling the R100GS from the late 80s and early 90s.

Two other colour schemes for the 750 GS are also on offer – Light White and Sports Style. The Light White version comes in, as its name says, Light White, with tank centre cover painted in the same shade, while the Sports Style in San Marino blue metallic with tinted windshield, Granite grey metallic rims, silver handlebars as well as a black-grey seat.

There are also three colour variants of the F850GS – Racing Red, Rallye Style or the 40 Years GS Edition – with the 2019 F850GS priced at RM79,500 in Malaysia. The Racing Red has paintwork in the named colour, with matching tank centre cover and fork tubes, rims and seat in black.

The Rallye version of the F850GS comes in BMW Motorrad’s Rallye and Racing Blue colours and fork tubes painted black with black seat. Painted Black Storm Metallic with the 40 Years logo, the 40 Years GS Edition of the F850GS comes with yellow hand-protectors, gold rims and a seat bench in a black and yellow combination and comes standard with adjustable windshield and TFT display.

Top of the range is the F850GS Adventure which has had its standard equipment list enhanced. There are three different colour schemes available for the F850GS Adventure – Ice Grey, Rallye Style or as the 40 Years GS Edition. The F850GS Adventure was not brought into Malaysia for 2019.

Like the F850GS, the F850GS Adventure comes in Ice Grey with matching tank centre cover, along with black fork tubes and grey and black comfort seat. The Rallye version comes in Rallye style and Kalamata metallic matte paintwork matched with gold rims and fork tubes, as well as a black/grey upholstered Rallye seat with 890 mm seat height and sports windshield.

Coming in yellow and black, the F850GS Adventure 40 Years GS Edition has the GS Anniversary logo over Black storm metallic paintwork. This is combined with black fork tubes, gold rims and matching black and yellow seat with 860 mm seat height.

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