Tesla job listings sighted for Singapore aftersales; Malaysia-based owners to benefit from expansion?

The Tesla website has been found to have listed several aftersales job positions for Singapore, with vehicle service technician, vehicle readiness specialist, service advisor and service manager listings posted last week, and a parts advisor job listing added today.

A quick search finds Hong Seh Motors in Singapore to be “the first and only retailer for Tesla cars” in the city-state, and the Careers section of their own website shows a different list of job vacancies from that posted on the Tesla website; namely, sales executive, panel beater, painter and cleaner/detailer job positions.

Job listings for Singapore from Tesla website. Click to enlarge

However, Singapore isn’t yet listed on Tesla’s location search on its website, therefore the American EV maker appears to be building a presence of its own in the island country. The endeavour certainly appears to be for the long term, as all positions advertised are full-time, and some of these are for ‘preparing to meet the needs of Model S, Model X, Model 3 customers and beyond.”

Notably, one of the requirements stated for a vehicle service technician is occasional interstate and international travel; as Singapore’s immediate neighbour, Malaysia naturally falls into the scope of said technicians’ interstate/international travel, and this could mean the serving of Tesla vehicle owners in Malaysia through the Singapore-based operations, though this could equally be for training purposes.

Missing from the listings in the careers section for Singapore are sales and administrative staff, so this could be purely an aftersales operation as it stands. That said, this still represents a growth in support for Tesla owners in the region, and Tesla owners on our shores could stand to benefit. Watch this space.

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