Repair work on the road damage at Jalan Klang-Banting near Johan Setia, caused by soil erosion and sedimentation, will take about a week to complete, said Prasarana chairman Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

He also said that the incident happened due to several factors, including frequent rain over the past two weeks and pressure from the LRT3 rail project construction.

“The soil sedimentation is quite serious and has also caused the underground water pipe to burst, affecting water supply to about 14,000 consumers in the area,” Tajuddin said yesterday, reported by Bernama.

The Prasarana chief said that the company, through LRT3 project contractor MRCB George Kent, will conduct a study on the soil in the area to ensure construction work in the area is safe. The Pasir Salak MP also apologised for the inconvenience caused, on behalf of Prasarana.

In a separate statement by Air Selangor, the company said that water pipe repair works will be completed at 6pm today, with full restoration of supply expected by 6am tomorrow morning.

The frequent and heavy rainfall is also causing havoc elsewhere. On Sunday, two sinkholes appeared close to each other in Taman U Thant, KL. The first of the two holes caused the walls of the nearby condo in the affluent neighbourhood to cave in. It is suspected that a broken pipe is the cause. Wretched weather of late, so drive safe, keep a good distance and always be alert of obstacles.