Porsche reveals new exhaust for Cayenne GTS Coupé

Porsche reveals new exhaust for Cayenne GTS Coupé

Porsche has unveiled a brand new, in-house developed twin-branch exhaust system for the Cayenne GTS Coupé, featuring two centrally located oval exits that offer a more sonorous sound signature.

This new exhaust system is the brainchild of Jörg Winkel (Porsche’s former head of acoustics who is now retired) who started developing it four years ago, but getting it done wasn’t without its challenges.

Development was tricky, because Porsche wanted the exhaust note to be unapologetically heard upon starting up, under heavy load and at higher engine speeds. But it also must be audibly experienced at low engine speeds, all while meeting country-specific requirements on noise emissions.

According to Porsche’s acoustics division, the new exhaust system produces a throatier sound, thanks to the special internal structure of the silencer. Its exhaust tracts from the V8’s two cylinder banks are separated to remove unwanted damping, and it is routed over the centre silencer through to the rear silencer.

SUV-engines periphery team lead Markus Sitzler said: “When the exhaust flap is closed, at low revs, the exhaust gas flow follows the bypass. In essence, it travels along an additional loop through a chamber of the main silencer with a perforated inner bottom before it returns to the main tract and is then discharged to the outside.”

This means the new GTS soundtrack is quieter under full load, but the bassy tones remain rich. To maximise the experience, engineers deliberately reduced the amount of insulation in the rear passenger compartment, which Porsche said “enhances” the entire sound experience with no compromise of comfort.

Porsche reveals new exhaust for Cayenne GTS Coupé

Sitzler said: “Like all exhaust systems from Porsche, the sound of the in-house development is 100% genuine – highly emotive with sonorous burbling on the overrun. The simplicity of the pipe layout as well as the material and weight saving – this is an approach we will definitely keep pursuing.”

Rico Löscher, Specialist for Complete Vehicle – Product Line SUV said the new exhaust system reminded him of racing cars. “The sound reminds me of high-revving naturally aspirated engines. It doesn’t sound like a muscle man, it sounds more like a fit athlete.”

Following its debut in the Cayenne GTS Coupé, the new twin-branch sports exhaust system will also be introduced for the Cayenne Turbo Coupé and the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid Coupé.

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  • vivizurianti on Aug 14, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    I guess the requirements must be like:

    1. must got sound
    2. cannot be loud sound
    3. must be comfortable sound for driver
    4. must be macho/sporty/powerful (engine) sound
    5. must be “only wanted sound” for driver
    6. mustn’t be “unwanted sound” for driver
    7. must be Porsche sound, and not other sound
    8. I want exhaust sound and hear good ICE sound

    Did I miss out anything?

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    • Hantu Raya on Aug 16, 2020 at 11:31 am

      thats one thing EVs will never be able to do- produce pleasing sounds like the burble of a cross plane v8 or the shriek of a hi revving inline 4 or the full on wailing of an F1 like v10.

      EVs are as exciting and musical as a deaf mute brick…

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