Entering the super sports market in Japan is the 2020 Honda CBR600RR, priced at 1.46 million Yen (RM57,708) before consumption tax. Performance is a refinement of previous models, with the engine now spinning up to 14,000 rpm.

The greater engine speed is achieved through materials used in the camshafts, valve springs and crankshaft. Changes to the intake and exhaust include a larger throttle bore, reshaped inlet port and optimised diameter and thickness of exhaust tubing, along with adjustments in the valve timing.

This allows to CBR600RR’s 599 cc, four-cylinder mill to produce 121 PS at 14,000 rpm and 64 Nm of torque at 11,500 rpm, indicating the designers intend the engine to live its life in the upper reaches of the rev range. An assist and slipper clutch on the six-speed gearbox reduces clutch effort and smoothens out drive during hard down shifts with a quick shifter being an optional accessory.

Braking is with dual hydraulic discs on the front wheel and single disc at the back, using Tokico callipers with ABS as standard. An upside-down Big Piston Front fork holds up the front of the CBR600RR while an adjustable monoshock does duties at the rear.

Inside the cockpit a full-colour TFT-LCD panel displays the necessary information and LED lighting is used throughout. A full suite of riding aids comes with the CBR600RR including Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Power Selector, Wheelie Mitigation Control and Selectable Engine Braking.

Aerodynamics now plays a part in the CBR600RR’s design with downforce generated by winglets to improve stability while entering corners or turning while accelerating. The 2020 Honda CBR600RR comes in one colour scheme, Grand Prix Red, which takes styling cues from the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) tri-colour paintwork.

A HRC CBR600RR race kit will also be offered from January 2021 for next year’s racing season. The kit, which will be sold through HRC service centres in Japan, consists of a racing ECU and harness, upgraded front and rear suspension, and racing front brake calliper with thicker discs as well as race fairing and cowl.