The upcoming, production version of the BMW iNEXT, to be called the iX, will be available in three versions, BMW Blog reports. These will start from 308 hp in entry level guise, through a mid-range 522 hp model, up to 610 hp in its most powerful form.

In terms of comparable internal combustion outputs, the X5 xDrive40i produces 340 PS and 450 Nm of torque, while a ’50i’ powertrain produces 523 hp and 750 Nm of torque. The top performance variant would be comparable to the X5 M, which outputs 617 hp and 750 Nm.

The BMW iX will reportedly also feature an innovation called BMW Natural Interaction, according to the report, which is based on the ‘Shy Tech’ touch operation concept that first emerged on the Vision iNEXT concept vehicle.

This will employ materials that enable virtually any interior surface to serve as a control display, and stay hidden until its touch functions are needed. According to BMW Blog, this technology will be introduced on the production iX as well as future high-end BMWs.

BMW iNEXT spied during testing

Naturally, the iX will be all-wheel-drive, and it will be a model sized between the X3 and the X5. An earlier report by Auto Express suggested that the fully electric SUV will have battery range up to 580 km, and this is likely to be supplied by a battery pack of around 100 kWh in capacity. Optional equipment on the iX can be expected to the on par with that of the 5 Series, which includes air suspension and soft-close doors. Wheel sizes on the iX will be from 20 inches to 22 inches in diameter, the report said.

So far, we know that the interior of the iX will feature a two-spoke ‘polygonal’ steering wheel, a shape that was chosen to be more suited to autonomous driving, BMW said previously. The iX could feature autonomous driving at levels of up to Level 3, according to earlier reports.

This is because the shape will help the driver more easily recognise the angle of the steering wheel when switching back to manual driving, and be safer as a result. the flat top and bottom of the wheel rim also aids entry and egress, as well as giving the driver more room to bend their legs for comfort when using the adaptive cruise control.

The BMW iX is set to make its debut soon, however production will only commence in July next year, BMW Blog reported. Customer deliveries for overseas markets will be staggered, and the United States is estimated to receive the first customer units in 2022.

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