Here’s another product with Lamborghini branding that you can afford, as it is priced at a relatively reasonable 34.99 euros (RM170.79). This is a 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Huracan Evo, the result of a collaboration between the Italian carmaker and German toymaker Ravensburger.

Looks good, doesn’t it? The puzzle is made up of 108 numbered plastic pieces, which when assembled properly, faithfully recreates the V10-powered sports car in a 1:18 scale. Almost every detail of the real car is present here, including the Y-style front bumper and Y-shape headlamp graphic.

The finished model sports an Arancio Xanto orange finish and measures 26 cm in length, with 32 feature accessories like the axles and four rotating wheels that replicate the Aesir ones, along with a front splitter and rear diffuser.

So, if you have children who are aged eight years and older, recreating a scaled replica of the Huracan Evo could be a fun project. Alternatively, if you’re an adult looking for a puzzle to assemble while trying to solve the other puzzle of how to afford the real car, this is something worth considering.