It appears that we will soon get to pay Rapid KL train fares using ATM cards. Debit card readers have been spotted at a couple of LRT stations, including the one captured above by Twitter user @Orangsalji83 at the Wangsa Maju LRT station.

The image shows a MyDebit card reader and wave instructions for ATM cards, apparently installed at the gates of the station where one would normally tap his/her Touch n Go card. It specifically says “Wave your ATM card on the card reader” so credit cards are likely to be unwelcome.

According to The Star, a spokesman for Prasarana confirmed that the wave to pay programme is currently in the installation stage, with testing scheduled to start towards the end of this year. Besides the LRT, Rapid KL also operates the MRT and Monorail train lines, as well as bus services in the capital city.