BMW, MINI expand charging options for latest EVs

BMW, MINI expand charging options for latest EVs

In concert with the market launch of the iX3 electric SUV, BMW and MINI are introducing new charging products for their latest fifth-generation electric vehicles, including new home chargers, subscription services and solutions for fleet customers and company car buyers.

First up is a new Flexible Fast Charger that is being introduced on the iX3. This portable charger uses interchangeable adapters to provide up to 11 kW of AC power, as well as enabling it to adjust its output to suit the infrastructure at home or on the road.

The three-phase 22 kW BMW Wallbox continues to be offered as an accessory. In certain markets, BMW offers the Smart Partner Wallbox that can be integrated into a home energy management system and allows for invoicing of charging costs, thanks to partnerships with specific partners.

BMW, MINI expand charging options for latest EVs

Outside the home, the included BMW and MINI Charging Cards grant access to a 450,000-strong charging network, which includes 160,000 AC, DC and fast charging points in Europe and 24,000 in Germany alone. Starting with the iX3, BMW EV buyers will get a free one-year charging subscription and a standardised charging cable that can be used in public charging stations across Europe.

For commercial customers, BMW provides various services that include an evaluation of charging needs, installation, operation and invoicing. Drivers can use a single card for home, workplace and public charging which, together with an intelligent wallbox for the home, helps with invoicing.

The BMW Group itself is leading the way with 4,100 stations set to be installed at its sites in Germany by next year, with around 50% of these being open to the public. The corporate charging card and app allow employees to be billed at a special rate for charging. This concept will be rolled out to other European countries over the coming years.

BMW, MINI expand charging options for latest EVs

In addition to the aforementioned services, the cars themselves also come with new functions. The iX3 is the first BMW EV to calculate navigation routing using the eRouting intelligent charging service, including the quality and cost of each charging station. Users can also browse their full charging history and range radius through the centre touchscreen, the MyBMW app and the BMW charging app.

Plug-in hybrid customers can also take advantage of a new loyalty programme called BMW Points, which rewards drivers based on the mileage covered using electric power alone. Every zero-emission kilometre earns users one point, or two points in eDrive Zones (areas where a BMW PHEV automatically switches to electric power, such as low-emission zones). These points can be redeemed for free charging credit.

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  • No one buying ev here..even hybrid. Msia ppl throw it faster than buy it. Hardly see any 330e f30 on the road now. Still remember 330e swamp the road 2 years ago. Where did all those car gone? Petrol cheap now. My samsung note battery showing signs of going down after 2 years and my Dyson v8 battery just loss 30 percent storing power after 2 years. Mmm..battery tak boleh matter how dependable it is deterioting from the first day.

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