You may ‘know your car’, or so the meme goes, but did you know that running your vehicle really low on fuel is actually bad for its health? Honda Malaysia has published a short video detailing why that is the case.

Firstly, running close to the ‘E’ end of the gauge is bad for your car’s fuel pump because it will not receive the lubrication it requires. As with most constantly moving mechanical parts, prolonged operation in this state will lead to premature wear and possible breakdown, and the same applies to the fuel pump.

Another reason to keep your fuel tank sufficiently filled is that it will prevent the fuel pump and engine picking up contaminants that have settled at the bottom of the tank over time. Running low on fuel frequently leads to a higher chance of the settled sludge being picked up into the rest of the fuel system, subsequently damaging the engine.

Running a vehicle low on fuel could also lead to its system pumping air instead, and long-term exposure to air will also cause issues to the fuel pump and other components that require fuel to function. If you’re really pushing the limits of your fuel range, your vehicle may well run out of fuel at a truly inconvenient time, such as on a highway or when going through busy intersections, which could be dangerous.

Last but not least, don’t you think it would be a far less stressful experience if your vehicle has sufficient fuel at all times? You will have a clearer head for avoiding and getting around any eventualities that may be encountered on the road, thus making for a safer time in your vehicle. You’ll need fuel sooner or later, so you may as well have the peace of mind of having enough in your tank. Stay fuelled up, and stay safe.