A teaser has been issued from Malaysian motorcycle and scooter maker Modenas, showing a new model coming out on 19 November. Aside from the photo, little else information is available at this time.

Although the photo shows the new model from the front, for the width of the vehicle and the general head on silhouette, it can be surmised it is a scooter of some sort. Even with Modenas’s collaboration with Indian manufacturer Bajaj of late, it also has a partnership with Taiwanese scooter maker Kymco going back to 2016 and still on-going.

A perusal of Kymco’s website shows a marked resemblance of Modenas’ new scooter model with the X-Town 300i. This would be no real surprise as the X-Town 300i is the basis for the Modenas Elegan 250, albeit with a smaller capacity engine.

Looking at the teaser photo a little closer, LED projector headlights can be seen, along with LED DRLs located just above. This leads us to believe that the basis of the Elegan might stay the same but with updated features and bodywork, making this a facelift model.

Aside from updated looks, it is hoped this facelift scooter model will receive other upgrades to the standard equipment. When launched in the Malaysia market in 2016, the Elegan 250 retailed at a price of RM13,599 and was popular as a value for money choice compared to its competition.