Lunaz begins production of electric classic Range Rovers – bespoke restomod with new tech, bar area!

The world’s only production electric classic Range Rovers has entered production. Lunaz, the company behind the creation of this electric icon, will produce an initial run of 50 units. Two specifications – Town and Country; standard and long wheelbase versions available – have been announced, both with emphasis on rear-seat and driver comfort.

Every car will go through a full bare metal restoration and re-engineering process before being augmented with an electric powertrain. No details have been mentioned on the electric powertrain, but the re-engineering phase sounds pretty exhaustive. To start, the chassis of the car will have to be modified to achieve a more ideal weight distribution. Then, a 3D scan of the vehicle will be made to create many detailed CAD renderings for technical precision.

Once the groundwork has been established, then the conversion process can begin. These are all done in-house, according to Lunaz. The Country variant will include a four-wheel drive system, uprated suspension and anti-roll bars, and beefier brakes. The existing fuel filler cap will be carefully redesigned and replaced with a charging socket, too.

Lunaz begins production of electric classic Range Rovers – bespoke restomod with new tech, bar area!

As for the cabin, Lunaz said it will be significantly modernised with the company’s design philosophy, balancing modern technology and usability within a classic architecture. Lunaz also guarantees the use of highest quality materials, plus the incorporation of satellite telecommunications, Wi-Fi connectivity, modern in-car entertainment systems and navigation aids.

New air-conditioning and electronic heating systems will form part of the equipment list, and the original accelerator pedal will be upgraded to a throttle-by-wire system. With all these upgrades in place, Lunaz will put each converted Range Rover through a series of testings before the first start-up procedures begin.

Once production begins, Lunaz will offer a fully roofless version – dubbed the Safari Specification – of the Range Rover, one that was first seen in the film Octopussy, the James Bond classic. A build has already been allocated for an affluent European customer.

Lunaz begins production of electric classic Range Rovers – bespoke restomod with new tech, bar area!

If this sounds like an expensive restomodded project, well, you’re not wrong. Prices for classic electric Range Rovers by Lunaz start from £245,000 (RM1.34 million) before local taxes. As expected, each car is tailor made, therefore offering a wide range of personalisation options. Fancy a bar area for the rear seats? That can be done, too.

Company managing director and technical lead, Jon Hilton said: “We designed inherent flexibility within our approach to upcycling the world’s most celebrated cars. The commencement of production of the first electric classic Range Rovers demonstrates the scope of vehicles that can be re-engineered and given an entirely new life through conversion to our proprietary electric powertrain.”

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