Pravaig Dynamics has revealed its first electric car called the Extinction Mk1, which will be available exclusively as a premium fleet service for business-to-business (B2B) clients in India. According to the company, the service will initially be offered in Bangalore and Delhi, with the option of chauffeur services upon request.

The Extinction will pack a 96-kWh lithium-ion battery pack placed on the floor of the vehicle, which has a power density of 155 Wh/kg. That’s pretty substantial, as it exceeds what the Hyundai Kona (141 Wh/kg), Mercedes-Benz EQC (123 Wh/kg) and Tata Nexon EV (95 Wh/kg) offers, with only the Tesla Model S P100D (160 Wh/kg) doing better.

Said battery supplies power to a 204 PS (201 hp or 150 kW) electric motor, which is capable of generating 2,400 Nm of torque at the wheels – this eye-catching figure is after multiplication with the car’s gear ratio.

In terms of performance, the company claims a zero to 100 km/h time of 5.4 seconds, along with a top speed of 196 km/h. The battery is also said to provide a range of 504 km, so a trip from Delhi to Jaipur can be easily done on a single charge. Charging details are barebones at this point, but the Extinction will support DC fast charging, allowing for a 0-80% state of charge to be reached in just 30 minutes.

The battery pack has also been designed to be extremely safe in the event of an accident or overheating, with Pravaig noting its EV will be “built like a tank” and come with a five-star safety rating.

Design-wise, the Extinction prototype shown at the company’s reveal event has an air of Lucid Air about it, albeit in a much shorter package. Highlights include a two-door coupe body style, circular headlamps, slim taillights, front and rear light bars, 17-inch wheels and an aerodynamically-optimised shape.

Referring to reports by Hindustan Times, Techradar and DriveSpark, the finished product will see some improvements over the prototype shown, including a higher ground clearance, four dours and extra comfort inside.

As for the interior, despite the two doors, the car offers seating for up to four people, with more focus given to those at the rear. The company says those in the second row can enjoy a private, lounge-like space with reclining seats (up to 165 degrees), large pull-out tray tables for working or eating, individual air vents, Thunderbolt ports, 12-inch mirrors as well as a Devialet sound system.

An advanced air filtration system also provides “Himalayan air,” reducing up to ten times of CO2 in the cabin, with a 99% clearance of PM 2.5 particulates.

The Extinction will be launched in 2021, with the company using a digital sales strategy rather than traditional brick-and-mortar stores – pricing has yet to be announced. If you haven’t heard of Pravaig Dynamics, the company is based in Bangalore and has been developing the EV for over nine years, with plans to build 2,500 units in the first year of production.