KFC 11 plate open for bidding – Feb 25, 11am to 11pm

If there’s one food you can count on to end all wars, it’s fried chicken. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but Malaysians are clearly willing to doll out a decent sum for a taste of the good stuff.

Earlier today, JPJ Kedah announced that it managed to collect a total of RM2,108,364 from the recent KFC series of number plates, courtesy of 3,188 hungry individuals. The highest winning bid was RM52,000 for “KFC 7”, followed by RM48,000 bids for “KFC 8” and “KFC 9.”

But if you want your food to actually taste good, you’ll have to bid for the original KFC 11 plate. Like an actual, literal plate with KFC 11 printed on it. KFC Malaysia has just announced that it will be holding its first-ever open bidding session for the plate on its Facebook page, which is set to take place on February 25, from 11 am to 11 pm. Yeah, how bout that?

The starting bid is RM11, and anyone interested in replicating Colonel Sanders’ global success can participate with a minimum bid increase of RM1. You’ll probably not hear from your foodie friends within this 12-hour period of intense mouse-clicking session, but hey, at least they’re exercising.

Naturally, the highest bidder will be the winner (announced on the same day), and all 100% of the profit will go towards KFC Add Hope Malaysia, the company’s initiative to end world war hunger. To participate, simply click here.

KFC Malaysia deputy GM of marketing, Evelyn Ng said: “Here at KFC Malaysia, we want you to know that we share your love for KFC and we’re pleased to increase the excitement with our very own KFC Original Plate up for bid. The plate design features ‘KFC 11’ mimicking the car registration plate number and at the same time represents the brand’s iconic 11 secret herbs and spices.”

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