Mercedes-Benz has launched a new service for its Mercedes me connected system called Fuel & Pay, which offers customers a convenient digital payment solution when it comes to refueling their vehicles.

The service can be controlled via the Mercedes me app on Android and iOS devices, or from inside the vehicle using the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system. In a way, the service is similar to Genesis CarPay that is available in South Korea, which enables in-car payments for fuel and parking.

With Fuel & Pay, customers must first select a participating filling station in map view on their head unit and start the navigation to the chosen site. The filling station is automatically identified by means of geofencing the moment the engine is switched off at the destination, following which the customer selects the desired pump.

The system then calculates the maximum amount for fuelling based on the vehicle’s tank capacity, the fuel type and fuel price, with the customer required to provide authorisation to reserve that amount of payment.

What comes next is the non-digital part of the process – actually operating the pump – and after fuelling up, a notification is sent to the mobile app or MBUX system. Customers will also receive a fuel receipt via email or a Mercedes me inbox message for documentation purposes.

The company says that Fuel & Pay is a free service that will be added to the MBUX system as part of an update, although customers must first fill in the necessary payment information before using the service. Access to the service will begin from the end of 2021 for vehicles with the MBUX system, which the company says includes the new S-Class from year of construction 2020.

For now, the service will initially be offered to customers in Germany at over 900 filling station, but it will be rolled out to other European countries later this year, including Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.