Aston Martin has teased what appears to be an enhanced version of its Vantage, which will make its debut on March 22. The company isn’t revealing a whole lot for now, although the provided image does give us a few hints at what to expect.

As far as modifications go, the car seen in the shadowy teaser features the company’s Vaned Grille, a large rear spoiler, stylised side air outlets, a bespoke wheel design and a classic green paint job. These cues are certainly reminiscent of the official F1 safety car that the company presented earlier this month, which suggests a road-going version of that track car is on the way.

According to Autocar, the new model will likely come with the same improvements as the safety car, including more power from the AMG-derived 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8. On the safety car, the output has been bumped up by 25 PS to 535 PS, while torque remains unchanged at 685 Nm.

Other changes involve recalibrating the eight-speed automatic transmission to deliver a flatter torque curve and improve acceleration. The improved aero on the F1 safety car, particularly the front splitter, can produce 155.6 kg of downforce at 200 km/h, or 60 kg more than a regular Vantage. Modifications to the suspension, steering and dampers have also been done, with further detailed underbody bracing modifications to increase front structural stiffness.

Interior revisions should be less drastic, as the safety car comes with equipment necessary for track usage as well as for broadcasting radio and television feeds. Sportier seats and a six-point harness are possible add-ons to the cabin, along with the use of more lightweight materials.