Simulator racing series, eRacing GP has launched the latest running of its online racing series with Edition 5, the latest season that will commence on April 3 where proven simulator racers will compete against not just each other, but also against the best real-life racing drivers within Asia, courtesy of Axle Sports.

Past editions has seen around 150 simulator racing hopefuls join to qualify in each of the four categories – Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper – to fill grids of 30 racers in each category for a total of 120 racers. A similar count is expected for the latest running, Edition 5 that will take place this weekend, according to Axle Sports founder and multiple Audi R8 LMS series champion Alex Yoong.

“After the success of the 2019 eRacing GP Malaysia championship, we had always planned to do more online racing, and ironically, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to adapt quickly. We are really pleased with the quality of drivers and have witnessed massive improvement in the level of their driving and professionalism,” Yoong said.

Simulator drivers who are interested in competing in the eRacing GP Global Edition 5 are required to take part in qualifying rounds on the RaceRoom online platform, with selection conducted through weekly leaderboards that open on Mondays and close on Thursdays.

The eRacing GP Endurance Edition is a separate endurance racing series also run by Axle Sports, and this is held on the Assetto Corsa Competizione online platform. The most recent Endurance Edition was held on March 21, and saw a grid of 50 racers take part in a four-hour endurance race. Category winners in the Endurance Edition series will also receive prizes from Royal Selangor, according to Axle Sports.

The aim of eRacing GP is to help its participants realise their dreams of one day getting into real race cars, the Axle Sports founder and former Formula 1 driver added. For the upcoming series, winners in all four categories of eRacing GP Global Edition 5 will receive prizes sponsored by Royal Selangor in addition to eRacing GP merchandise.

The screen time-to-track time formula appears to be proven; eRacing GP simulator racers Naquib Azlan and Mika Hakimi lined up on the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival Vios Challenge grid last weekend in the Rookie category, shared with the top Super Sporting category of the series.

Their qualifying times along the 2.075 km-long North loop of the Sepang International Circuit of one minute 26.012 seconds and one minute 26.578 seconds for Naquib and Mika would have placed the rookie entrants second and sixth respectively on the qualifying time sheet of the Super Sporting class.