Last week, Geely unveiled the Vision Starburst, a new design vision described as a “new and alternative expression” of the carmaker’s Expanding Cosmos design philosophy. Created by Geely Design Shanghai, the fascinating showcar will serve as a design board for future Geely models.

The inspiration for Vision Starburst comes from the phenomena where brilliant nebulas and magnificent elements come together, merging, fusing and finally bursting into new stars. Every new design concept is the result of the combination, fusion, and eruption of different ideas which become new star products that enrich the market, Geely says.

In the walk-around video above, Brandon Pan, exterior design director at Geely Design Shanghai, elaborates on the cosmic inspiration, as well as interesting ideas about the face of cars. Today’s concept of the headlamps as the eyes of a vehicle’s face has been overturned as Geely designers imagine future vehicles seen through high-tech sensors. Without the headlamps as eyes, it will “free designers from past limitations,” Pan says.

Moving inside, the interior door panels are designed to match the characteristics of the exterior. “Cosmic Ray” light strips help to unify interior and exterior design. On top of the floating centre console, the shifter takes on an aerodynamic geometric shape that’s hollow. Four lines of light illuminate to display different gear settings.

What’s cool is that the instrument panel isn’t a standalone screen, but it melds with the ambient lights on the dash and door panels to create a “borderless visual experience” for the user. Borderless instruments and seamless info transmission will change the way humans interact with machines, Pan says. A whole new sensory experience, in fancier words.

“With our Vision Starburst, we want to explore where technology will take the future of car design,” he adds. However, Geely has said that this showcar will not be made into a production car. “What we have here is not a vision for specific models. The elements you see here will not replace our Expanding Cosmos design language, but offer an alternative design vision which we look forward to exploring more,” he ended.

What do you think of the Starburst and Geely’s new design philosophy? For an interesting insight on the carmaker’s current look, here’s executive VP of design Peter Horbury explaining animals and car faces.