ABT Sportsline has just announced several new upgrade kits for the Volkswagen Golf Mk8 range, specifically for the GTI, GTI Clubsport, GTD and R variants. The performance enhancement comes from ABT’s engine control unit, so it’s basically just a plug-and-play option.

Let’s start with the Golf GTI. In stock form, the EA888 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine develops 245 PS and 370 Nm of torque, but the new ECU raises that by 45 PS and 40 Nm for a total of 290 PS and 410 Nm. The more potent GTI Clubsport, which makes 300 PS and 400 Nm from the factory, gets amped up to make 360 PS and 450 Nm of torque!

Owners of the Golf GTD can look forward to increased outputs as well, up from 200 PS and 400 Nm to 230 PS and 440 Nm of torque. As for the Golf R, the range-topping hot hatch can make as much as 384 PS and 470 Nm of torque, up 64 PS and 50 Nm from 320 PS and 420 Nm. The tuning firm said it will be offering suspension upgrades and custom exhaust systems in the future, so stay tuned.

Regardless of which model you own, you can opt for the company’s 19-inch ER-C wheels finished in matte black, or take it up a notch with a set of 20-inch ABT FR or Sport GR wheels, available in gloss black or matte black finishes.