Rapid KL has apologised for the incident on Monday afternoon (July 26) where the doors of an LRT Kelana Jaya Line train remained open after its departure from Ara Damansara station to Lembah Subang station. Passengers captured the moment and shared it on social media.

The rail operator said that the incident was discovered immediately by the operations control centre and the train was taken out of service less than two minutes later, when it reached the Lembah Subang station, 900 metres away from Ara Damansara station. The train was then sent to the depot for immediate inspection and further investigation.

There were seven passengers onboard during the incident and all were evacuated safely. “Rapid KL takes this incident very seriously and a detailed investigation is taking place to identify the cause. Appropriate mitigation plans will be implemented to avoid future occurrence,” the company said in a statement.

Today, the transport ministry released a statement on the incident, and said that the Land Public Transport Department (APAD) is investigating the issue, having already ordered Rapid Rail to provide the maintenance records of Train 44. Early findings point to the Door Close Confirmation Unit (DCCU) as the malfunctioning system.

APAD is demanding an early incident report from Rapid Rail in seven days, or before August 2, and a full report with supporting documents in three weeks, or before August 16.

“The transport ministry and APAD regrets this incident and will not tolerate any element of negligence. We stress that any party that fails to abide to safety aspects is subject to action under the current laws,” said transport minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong.