Touch n Go eWallet introduces new Premium tier – reload up to RM20k, RM300k annual transaction limit

Touch n Go eWallet introduces new Premium tier – reload up to RM20k, RM300k annual transaction limit

Touch n Go has introduced a new Premium tier to its Touch n Go eWallet. The new and highest tier offers benefits such as an increased eWallet size of RM20,000 and an upsized annual transaction limit of RM300,000. With this new addition, the TnG eWallet has three tiers – Lite, Pro and Premium.

Pro, applicable for a verified Electronic Know-Your-Customer (eKYC) account, can hold a maximum balance of RM5,000 with a monthly transaction limit of RM5,000. The base Lite tier is for unverified TnG eWallet accounts that can only hold a maximum of RM200.

“With the introduction of the new Premium tier, Touch n Go eWallet is currently one of the biggest among the popular eWallet players in Malaysia. The Premium tier qualifies users to reload up to RM20,000 to their verified Touch n Go eWallet to pay for higher-value items or services, such as downpayment for a car, house loans, and salary payment,” said Ignatius Ong, CEO of TNG Digital.

Existing users can upgrade their eWallet tier to Premium by either making an investment in GO+ or by purchasing a CarInsure product. Once upgraded, users can enjoy an annual transaction limit of RM300,000, which translates to average monthly utilisation of RM25,000.

TnG says that this upgrade is timely and vital in the current ongoing pandemic, as it allows for various new use cases via an end-to-end contactless and cashless system. Earlier this month, TnG announced that Principal e-Cash Fund, the underlying fund for its GO+ product, is now Shariah-compliant. Everything else, including the daily basis potential returns, remains the same.

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  • newme on Aug 24, 2021 at 11:43 am

    Why is this a good thing? It’s not a credit, not a reward and not an installment payment offering.

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    • Go+ offers interest on top of savings and you get the convenience of your bank on the go.

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  • So u can roll the money inside ewallet without having to pay users interest! Good strategy!

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  • Mangsa TnG on Aug 24, 2021 at 12:59 pm

    Aiyo to get refund for expired card also takes days and the requesrs got transfered from one agent to another all the time i woukd not keep my money there for sure

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  • Bumper on Aug 24, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    We want more companies to compete for the better, not monopoly like this TnG.

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    • You don’t like it you can put your money into Lazada Wallet or Shopee Pay or Grab wallet or whichever ewallet that floats your boat.

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