Delivery service provider GDEX has introduced electric scooters to it fleet in Malaysia, as part of its Go Green initiative and its efforts towards the nation’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity to gross domestic product by 45% by 2030 as highlighted in the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), the company said in a statement.

“The electric motorcycle marks the beginning of green initiatives that GDEX is embarking on and we look forward to continuing the studying and implementing of more sustainability measures going forward,” said GDEX managing director and group CEO Teong Teck Lean.

Charging specifications were not specified for the e-scooters rolled out for the GDEX fleet, though in the video clip it appears that charging is done through a three-pin to C13 domestic power cable connection, while starting the e-scooter is through a standard key.

Last-mile delivery and logistics players play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions by exploring and adopting more green solutions in their daily operations, the CEO added. According to GDEX, electric motorcycles save more than 50% on maintenance compared to conventional petrol-powered motorcycles, which is due to not having an internal combustion engine and its associated upkeep.

In addition to this introduction of electric scooters to its delivery fleet, GDEX will also explore the deployment of electric bicycles and tricycles to a different segment of delivery locations, such as residential neighbourhoods.