Infiniti teases concepts, to be mostly electric by 2030

Following Nissan’s presentation of its Ambition 2030 strategy, the Japanese carmaker’s luxury arm, Infiniti, has now shared a vision for its future and what comes next. Like Nissan, Infiniti isn’t going fully electric and has said in an accompanying video that a majority of its vehicles will be electrified by 2030 instead.

The company goes on to say, “we will not let the size of our battery alone define us, but rather empower customers to choose the power source that fits their lifestyle.” Meanwhile, Infiniti chairman Peyman Kargar commented, “today, we announce that not only will most of the vehicles we sell by 2030 be electrified, but also that those vehicles will embody our unique take on modern Japanese luxury.”

No specific models were mentioned, but we do get to see shadowy shots of a concept vehicle that looks rather low-slung. The mystery car also sports wide-width headlamps and taillights, along with an illuminated Infiniti logo at the front.

Said vehicle also appears to be shown again later in the video, giving us a rather good view of its sleek and curvy profile. Two other concepts are also seen in this scene, including a crossover and a smaller fastback sedan.

The teased vehicles also appear to have little connection to Nissan’s “-Out” concepts. Again, Infiniti isn’t revealing much for now, but expect more information about these shadowy concepts to be revealed in the coming months.