Fieldman EV to invest RM1 billion in Melaka EV assembly, distribute RHD vehicles from Changan

Melaka will receive a RM1 billion investment from Fieldman EV for the development of the first electric vehicle assembly plant in Malaysia, Bernama has reported.

The future assembly plant will be constructed on a 200-hectare plot of land within the Elkay Lipat Kajang Industrial Area in Jasin, Melaka, said chief minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali. Fieldman EV has also obtained exclusive rights for the distribution of vehicles from Changan in right-hand-drive markets including Malaysia as well as the Southeast Asian regional market, the chief minister added.

“Fieldman intends to launch EVs and is interested [in building] an assembly plant in Melaka, together with local companies by utilising Changan technology. The state government welcomes this cooperation which will provide long-term benefits by further strengthening the development of the automotive industry in Melaka,” Sulaiman said.

The vehicle shown at a handover ceremony between Fieldman EV and the Melaka state development corporation is an Eado EV460, a fully electric sedan with a battery range of up to 550 km at a constant cruise, or 460 km in mixed conditions, according to the Fieldman Group.

The assembly plant would provide 5,000 new jobs as well as create a downstream industry among the local automotive industry, and also enable the transfer of electric vehicle technology that will further boost Melaka’s economy, he added.

Fieldman EV was set up in 2018 to source for renewable energy resources that can be brought into Malaysia, according to Bernama. Fieldman EV is a subsidiary of Fieldman Sdn Bhd, which was established in 2010 and is involved in palm oil, plastic manufacturing and commodity trading industries.

According to the Fieldman Group website, Fieldman EV signed an agreement with Changan Automobile for the export of vehicles in 2018. Fieldman EV brought “a few new models” to Malaysia for an e-hailing company.

That year, Big Blue Taxi Facilities announced that it planned to deploy 20,000 electric taxis in Kuala Lumpur by 2020, and these vehicles were to be developed by Fieldman EV. These were to be adapted to Malaysian road and weather conditions, and powered by a 80 hp motor with a range of 400 km.