BBS Japan has been named as the “official wheel rim provider” to Formula 1, and as part of a four-year deal, will supply all ten teams with wheels from the 2022 season onwards. The announcement was made during this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, with the aim of standardised wheels being to encourage closer racing and keep development costs in check.

Prior to this, Formula 1 teams were able to choose their own wheel suppliers like OZ Racing and Enkei, although the tyres have been provided exclusively by Pirelli since 2011 and will remain as such.

The regulation changes that are finally being implemented in the upcoming season will see the cars sport a radical new design that includes 18-inch wheels, which are a departure from 13-inch wheels used in the several seasons before.

The larger wheels will be accompanied by the revival of wheel covers, although teams will have little control over their design than in the past. Wheel covers were last used during the 2009 season before being banned for 2010, but their return is now in simpler form that aims to prevent wake turbulence while making the cars look more aesthetically-pleasing.

Post-season testing in December last year gave us an early look at the new wheels and tyres that teams will run in the upcoming season, although we’ll have to wait until the 2022 cars are launched to see their grid-ready designs.