Lamborghini, one of the most emotive automotive brands around, has announced that 2022 will be the final year it offers pure combustion-engined cars. In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Stephan Winkelmann said: “It [2022] will be the last time that we only offer combustion engines.”

Starting next year, the automaker will begin selling plug-in hybrid models, and all of its offerings will be electrified by 2024. Its first production PHEV is said to be unveiled later this year, which is among four new planned product launches.

A record 1.5 billion euros (RM7.12 billion) have been allocated for its electrification phase, including a fully electric Raging Bull that’s scheduled for the second half of the decade. Lamborghini is still working on a final design for its first EV, and Winkelmann said the firm is leaning toward a four-door model suited for daily use.

Meanwhile, the CEO said Lamborghini has nearly sold out its entire production run for 2022, on the back of record deliveries and demand in 2021. Last year, it delivered 8,405 vehicles globally, with full-year earnings (before interest and tax margins) expected to be in the region of 20%.