A mobility solution for businesses in the Middle East and North Africa, the Barq Rena Max is an electric powered electric scooter targeted at the last-mile delivery market. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Barq has previously produced an electric bicycle for hyperlocal delivery as well as the record breaking YAS 1 drone.

Developed in collaboration with restaurant chain Americana and delivery platform Jahez, the Rena Max was purpose-built and engineered to tackle the challenges of electric mobility in the Middle East. Innovations include battery cooling with fully integrated software and custom made storage and delivery.

The top box on the Rena Max is insulated with a food safe lining and is temperature controlled with an integrated thermometer. The electronically controlled box locking system logs and tracks all opening and closings for additional security.

Featuring swappable battery technology, the Rena Max gets 145 km from a single charge from the 5.6 kWh battery with the 9 kW electric motor governed to a 97 km/h top speed. The Rena Max also comes with reverse gear, multiple riding modes and an 8-inch integrated LCD touch screen.

Production of the Rena Max is expected to begin towards the latter part of 2022, with an estimated production run of 50,000 units to cater to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The Rena Max will be available via lease with a low monthly monthly subscription.