Buying a used car in Malaysia – how do you avoid flood-damaged vehicles and mileage-tampering?

Buying a used car in Malaysia – how do you avoid flood-damaged vehicles and mileage-tampering?

Buying a used car is supposed to be a simple, straightforward matter, but can turn out to be otherwise. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across a previously-owned ride without issues and hasn’t been tampered with, but most of the time, this isn’t usually the case.

Unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re looking at, there are plenty of pitfalls awaiting the used car buyer. Usually, this involves being unable to spot red flags, problems or potential issues, most of which can be hidden from plain sight.

Take, for instance, flood-damaged vehicles. Given the high occurrence of these from the wave of flash floods in recent times, a major worry a lot of buyers have when purchasing a used car is wondering if the unit they’re eyeing is free of such damage. After all, repairs can mask this to the average person, enough that they wouldn’t be able to tell.

That’s where buying a used car from a reputable, trusted dealership, one which can certify the condition of the car to be free of such damage, makes a world of difference, because it eliminates any guesswork and, more importantly, worries.

One such company promising zero flood-damaged cars in its inventory is myTukar. It employs stringent checks and processes to guarantee that the vehicles sold under the company banner have not been involved in floods.

This involves a rigorous 160-point inspection, starting from understanding the full history of the car to inspecting every nook and cranny under the hood – nothing is left out to ensure all cars are free from major accidents and floods, so you get a quality drive.

The extensive 160-point inspection includes checks on the engine, steering, brakes & suspension, transmission & clutch, exterior & interior, as well as the underbody & under the hood. If corrections or repairs are required, the necessary is carried out by myTukar’s Refurbishment Centre, which ensures that the repair and replacement of parts are performed correctly to make the car as good as new.

The state-of-the-art Refurbishment Centre carries out stringent and detailed work on both interior and exterior, including body & paint correction and detailing & hygiene processes, according to “myTukar Certified Pre-Owned” standards. Upon completion, this earns the vehicle a myTukar Certified badge.

Buying a used car in Malaysia – how do you avoid flood-damaged vehicles and mileage-tampering?

Another known issue practiced by used car dealers is mileage tampering, which a buyer will be unable to ascertain. Here, myTukar stands out by openly declaring that the cars it is selling all show the original mileage. The company guarantees that all its myTukar certified cars’ mileage are non-tampered, meaning that what you see on the odometer is what the car has actually clocked.

Additionally, the company offers further peace of mind to buyers by backing up each vehicle it sells with a warranty and free service, differentiating it from other used car dealers. Used cars are often sold in an “as is” condition, usually with no warranty or after-sales service offered.

However, all myTukar certified cars come with a one-year extended warranty that covers both engine and gearbox, as well as 2X free service. Standard for every car it sells, this provides peace of mind for customers and makes their car ownership hassle-free, because the car maintenance cycle and the hassle that comes with it are taken care of by myTukar.

Aside from all these segment leading features, the company is also offering a no questions asked, five-day money-back guaranteed policy if you’re not happy with your purchase. All this makes a vehicle purcahse from the brand absolutely worry-free.

myTukar AutoFair 2022 – worry-free purchases, with lots of goodies

Buying a used car in Malaysia – how do you avoid flood-damaged vehicles and mileage-tampering?

If you’re looking for a worry-free purchase, you’ll want to check out the myTukar Auto Fair 2022 being held at the myTukar Retail Experience Centre – Plentong, Johor Bahru this June 17 to 19. Aside from a wide variety of cars to pick from, there are also plenty of goodies in store for buyers.

Make a vehicle purchase at the event and you could win one of the 10 pairs of all-expense paid tickets to watch Liverpool play against Manchester United in Bangkok. Book your vehicle by June 19 and get it delivered by June 30, answer a quiz correctly when you get a phone call, and you could be on your way to Thailand to watch the friendly. If you register your interest ahead of the event here, you’ll get an extra chance to be in the running for those tickets to the live game.

You’ll receive additional special offers when you purchase your car at the event, such as loan interest rates as low as 1.88% for the FIRST 100 bookings as well as the chance to win up to RM1,000 worth of vouchers with the Spin & Win promo.

What’s more, there’s RM12,000 worth of exclusive lucky draw prizes to be won. These include an iPhone 13, an iPad, a PlayStation 5 console, an Android SmartTV, a Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum as well as a Karcher water jet, a Karcher vacuum and a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

Buying a used car in Malaysia – how do you avoid flood-damaged vehicles and mileage-tampering?

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, every myTukar purchase includes a free one-year extended warranty and two free service appointments. Everything from Puspakom Inspection, JPJ registration, loan applications, to insurance arrangement is taken care of by the company. And, should you encounter an issue or simply change your mind about a vehicle, you can just return it thanks to the company’s 5-day money back guarantee – no questions asked.

You’ll be able to trade-in your current car at myTukar Auto Fair 2022 – the company’s product geniuses will be able to provide you with an on-the-spot trade-in offer with maximum value for your vehicle at the event. Visit the myTukar website to start browsing!

As for refreshments, food trucks will be available at the event, so visitors will be able to purchase food and drinks. Covid-19 prevention procedures will be in place – masks are mandatory at all times, but physical distancing is not compulsory. The event crew and staff will frequently clean the whole venue as well as frequently-touched equipment and surfaces such as cars, communal facilities, etc to ensure safety aspects are maintained.

More information can be found at the official myTukar event website. Head on over to the myTukar Auto Fair 2022 this June 17-19, from 9.30am to 8pm daily. You may also reach out to us below:
Call : 03-7890 4499
WhatsApp : +6018-2249999
Email: [email protected]

myTukar Retail Experience Centre – Plentong, JB
Jalan Masai Lama,
Taman Perindustrian Plentong
81750 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Looking to sell your car? Sell it with myTukar.

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  • Always buy new on Jun 14, 2022 at 11:00 am

    New is better than old.

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  • Dong Gor on Jun 14, 2022 at 11:30 am

    how to guarantee the mileage is genuine. it’s your word against theirs. there is no baseline here to start a dispute anyway.
    and about the warranty, it sounds good on paper but in actual, u don’t really get a “brand new” replacement if something broke. most of the time is from kereta potong shop or just something that make your car run again temporary. breaks again, come back and repeat the same treatment until warranty period is over.
    oh well, you are getting a used car, so that is as far as it goes i guess!

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  • sabahan on Jun 14, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    We’ve been cheated by BN UMNO for the past 60 years. what makes you think we can get a decent honest good used car. Many times bitten. Say NO to BN UMNO,

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  • KJ, University of Oxford on Jun 14, 2022 at 1:01 pm

    Apart from honest usedcar dealers like Muytukar n carsome,majority of the used cars dealers tamper with mileage and hide their “admin fees”in their adverts.
    The admin fees or football money can range from RM800 to RM5000.So far,no action has been taken by gomen dept.
    U sell chicken above certain controlled price,kena tindakan.Why used cars are exempted from action for “scamming” charge exhorbitantly,Datuk Wee ?

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    • Bryan on Jun 15, 2022 at 12:43 pm

      You sure the two is honest? Hahaha

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    • Casual reader on Jun 16, 2022 at 8:15 am

      2 different matters unrelated, you eat chicken right? It is an essential item so prices of chicken are controlled. Do you eat used car metal? If not then it is not essential. Not everything has to be controlled as we are a free market and i recalled you had been demanding for uncontrolled petrol prices so i cannot fathom what is going on in your head and what do you exactly want except that it is so screwed i doubt YOU yourself know what is it that YOU want. Again this is a free market so you can choose to go for more reputable 2nd hand dealers or sell direct via Mudah or keeping your car forever. Or do you need Dr WKS to run your life as well?

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  • RebadgeKing on Jun 14, 2022 at 10:13 pm

    All used cars in Malaysia is low mileage always below 100k, accident free, 1 owner, service on time, no documents can loan kedai,tip top condition, nice clean interior, engine no problem, transmission running good.
    We are a lucky bunch aren’t we

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  • Ku Nazri on Jun 20, 2022 at 10:50 am

    selalu dengar mileage-tampering ni…tapi tindakan macam xder jer nak atasi masalah ni…

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  • Lothar Sander on Nov 04, 2022 at 1:18 pm

    Mileage and actual wear of the vehicle can be tested by us via German Ultrasound device and software

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  • Anil Ali on Mar 18, 2023 at 6:21 am

    Looking for vehicle to inport to Trinidad dammage

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