MForce previews QJMotor 250 RS, 250 RR dan WMoto 250 RR – new 250s for the Malaysia market?

MForce previews QJMotor 250 RS, 250 RR dan WMoto 250 RR – new 250s for the Malaysia market?

Holding a media preview, MForce Bike Holdings today showed three new sportsbikes in the quarter-litre class to obtain feedback from the media before market release. These are the QJMotor 250 RS and 250 RR, as well as the WMoto Voge 250RR, each with differing specifications.

Starting with the WMoto Voge 250 RR in blue, power comes from a 249 cc, SOHC mill from the Loncin works in China. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission, and power output is claimed to be 27 hp with 23 Nm of torque.

This particular 250 sportsbike comes with a full-colour TFT-LCD instrument display, showing all the necessary information and including Bluetooth connectivity to the rider’s smartphone. During the demonstration of the Voge 250 RR, the MForce representative showed the panel’s capabilities with a mirroring display of the rider’s smartphone, including video playback.

WMoto Voge 250 RR

Equipment cutout includes hydraulic disc brake in Voge’s OEM brand, with two-channel ABS. Suspension uses upside-down forks in front, preload-adjustable monoshock at the back, with standard equipment including a USB charging port, two ride modes, cable operated clutch and LED lighting throughout.

Moving on to the QJMotor 250 RS in grey, this quarter-litre sportsbike is also powered by a 239 cc, single-cylinder engine with a six-speed gearbox. With DOHC, the mill pumps out 27 hp and 22.5 Nm of torque, and if you thinks it looks familiar, it is the same model as the QJMotor SRK250RS sold in the China market.

A monochrome LCD panel performs as an instrument display, but making up for this is the installation of a single-sided swingarm and two-tone painted wheels. Both front and ear brakes are single hydraulic discs, and two-channel ABS is standard fitment.

QJMotor 250 RS

Equipment cutout follows typical industry practice for small displacement sportsbikes, including upside-down forks, monoshock with preload-adjustment, USB charging port and LED lighting. 12.5-liters of fuel is carried in the tank while seat height is set at 780 mm while overall weight is listed as 159 kg.

During the preview, when the trio of 250s were started up, the best sounding machine of the lot was the third bike in the lineup, the QJMotor 250 RR in black. This is because of its two-cylinder parallel-twin engine, with DOHC and displacing 249 cc. The engine strongly resembles the unit used in the QJ400GS-G sportsbike and we assume the engine has been sleeved down to enter it in the 250 class while MForce personnel said the engine produces 27 hp and 21 Nm of torque.

Like the QJMotor 250 RS, the 250 RR comes with a monochrome LCD display panel and eschews the RS’ single-sided swingarm for a conventional unit. Two-channel ABS is standard on the single-hydraulic brakes front and rear, along with LED lighting, upside-down fork, preload-adjustable monoshock and USB charging port.

QJMotor 250 RR

If it is the case the 250 RR carries the same design as the QJ400GS-G, expect to see a 14-litre fuel tank with the bike tipping the scales at a little under 187 kg. No pricing information was released and Asri Ahmad, Operations General Manager of MForce Bike Holdings, told not all the 250s on display would make it to the Malaysian market, hence the media survey to determine pricing levels and market acceptance.

What do you think? New made in China single-cylinder and twin sportsbikes to challenge the dominance of the Yamaha R25, as well as pose competition to the Honda CBR250RR and the upcoming Kawasaki Ninja 250 from Modenas? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions below.

GALLERY: WMoto Voge 250 RR


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Mohan K Ramanujam

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  • 4G63T DSM on Jul 08, 2022 at 7:05 am

    The QJ250RR only makes sense if someone is going to un-sleeve and put in new pistons and ECU after they buy it.. Otherwise the bike would be decidedly porky if indeed based on a 400.

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  • I think the two-cylinder one would sell better here since in Malaysians’ mentality: The more cylinder, the better hahaha

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  • Single arm on Jul 08, 2022 at 11:09 am

    Since they wont be overtaking Yamaha or Honda any time soon, just bring in the RR model only. Single swing arm and 2 cylinder….thats a bragging rights not many can claim at 250 category.

    Flood the market and hopefully the main brands will feel the heat thus improve their offerings. All the better for end user.

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  • Design mirrors and improves on R25’s already sleek design. Would heat up the beginner sportbike market.

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  • donno on Jul 11, 2022 at 8:10 am

    Bring in the RR please.

    The RS, although with single swing arm, the design looks soo chinese cheapo bling.

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  • Ben Yap on Jul 12, 2022 at 9:21 am

    engine is severely underpowered in comparison to R25, CBR 250RR and upcoming Kawasaki ZX25R.

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