Remember the locally-developed and built MyKar electric vehicle based on a Honda Jazz from Malaysian start-up company EV Innovations shown in 2020? The same company is back at it, but this time with a new prototype that is based on a Perodua Axia!

Revealed though a TikTok video (so 2022, isn’t it?) below, the Perodua Axia Electric prototype is said to have a range of 220 km, with a charging time of four hours. The Type 2 charging port is neatly tucked behind the Axia’s fuel filler cap, which is a nice touch.

Inside, the prototype is fitted with a large Android head unit to display various parameters of the EV powertrain, while a Jaguar-type small rotary dial in the centre is used to select drive modes. Unfortunately, that’s all the info we have on it for now – we’ll try to get more soon so stay tuned.

Just remember one thing, this is a prototype by a third party, and not a concept EV by Perodua. The closest thing to an official Axia EV we’ve seen so far has come out of Indonesia – Daihatsu showcased an Alya EV at GIIAS 2022 earlier this year. The Ayla is what Daihatsu calls its Axia.

If Perodua ever makes an EV, we think it will do so with a Myvi EV instead, which seems more of its own project instead of the Axia/Ayla project which Indonesia seems to taking the lead on.

In any case, what do you think of this Perodua Axia Electric prototype? Is 220 km electric range enough to convince you to adopt an EV in Malaysia, and how much would you be willing to pay for such a car? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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