Volvo continues its gradual feed of information on its upcoming EX90, and the Swedish automaker now reveals the electric SUV’s infotainment and driver instrumentation setup.

The EX90 aims to simplify part of the driver’s workload by providing them with clear, contextual information as required at that moment, especially since modern vehicles are generously equipped with capabilities, functions and technologies, says Volvo.

Making an effortless, intuitive transition between fully manual driving and assisted driving modes as well as autonomous driving in the future has been made a top priority by Volvo, which also applies to the accessing of features through the vehicle’s screens, said the carmaker.

The layout for the screens in the upcoming EX90 generally follows convention, where the main portrait-oriented central screen grants access to navigation, media playback and phone functions along with other commonly used actions.

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Meanwhile, the driver gets a slim, wide display for driving information such as speed and remaining range. This smaller display for the driver is where information is contextualised as different modes are selected, ensuring that the driver knows what to expect from the car, and what the car needs to expect from the driver, says Volvo.

“It’s all about providing you with the right information at the right time. We want your driving experience to be focused, simple and safe. Since the car also understands its surroundings and you better than ever before, we can create an even safer situation by reducing mode confusion, distraction and information overload,” said Volvo Cars head of user experience Thomas Stovicek.

The EX90’s exterior and interior sensor suite is combined with in-house developed software, with the aim of having the car be able to read each situation and provide contextualised information based on the inputs received.

In assisted driving mode, the EX90 will continuously let the driver know what the vehicle is seeing and what information it is acting upon, when offering assistance such as steering support and speed control. The EX90 will also come hardware-ready for unsupervised autonomous driving, says Volvo. Separately, the EX90 will also feature recycled and sustainable materials in its interior; read more on this, here.

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