A screen capture circulating on Malaysian social media shows the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme, or International Motorcycling Federation, better known as FIM, suspending services for the governing body of Malaysian two-wheeled motorsport, the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM).

The services in question include sanctioning of international events, provision of FIM stewards and personnel as well as issuance of competition licences for Malaysian racers to participate overseas.

The outstanding sum listed on the screen capture was 19,478 euros (RM92,162) with the remark “Suspension of service on November 03, 2022.” paultan.org spoke to Muizz Azli, Secretary-General for the MAM, about this issue. “The screen cap was taken from the FIM internal website and released by parties unknown to us, for what intent we do not know,” said Muizz.

“However, we regard this as an internal administrative issue and have spoken to FIM today,” added Muizz, “and the matter has been resolved.” While this is an embarrassing situation for Malaysian motorsport to be in, Muizz considers the matter satisfactorily settled for all parties concerned.