The RFID payment system at the DUKE and SPE highway is still down, but highway authorities have an update as to what happened.

According to a new announcement on DUKE’s social media pages, TM’s fiber optic cables that supply connectivity to the toll plaza was found to be vandalised.

Since RFID and PayDirect require communication with Touch n Go eWallet’s servers, the loss of connectivity due to vandalised fiber optic cables is what has caused the service to go down. TM is currently still working to restore the service.

You can still pass through the toll using physical Touch n Go card balance via tapping a physical Touch n Go card at Touch n Go lanes or using SmartTAG. Remember to reload your physical card if you want to use DUKE and SPE today because PayDirect does not work.

Perhaps this could be a use case for 5G technology which is much faster than 4G LTE – perhaps highway operators should consider a wireless backup for the toll plazas using 5G connectivity?