BMW Malaysia recycles service centre waste oil and lube with Pentas Flora, 30k litres collected from 4 SCs

BMW Malaysia recycles service centre waste oil and lube with Pentas Flora, 30k litres collected from 4 SCs

Almost every company is talking sustainability and ESG these days, but do you actually see these goals put into action. Here’s a good example of walking the talk.

BMW Group Malaysia recently commemorated their partnership with Pentas Flora in an MoU signing, held in conjunction with a roundtable discussion on ESG (that’s environmental, social and governance) hosted by the automaker. Pentas Flora, a long-time customer of BMW Group Financial Services, is one of Malaysia’s largest incumbent re-refined fuel oil providers, specialising in managing scheduled waste for clients across industries.

Over 30,000 litres of waste oils and lubricants have been collected from four participating BMW dealerships in the Klang Valley so far, sent for processing at Pentas Flora’s re-refinery plant in Banting to eventually be turned into re-refined eco base oil (EBO) that will be channelled back into the automotive sector.

BMW Malaysia recycles service centre waste oil and lube with Pentas Flora, 30k litres collected from 4 SCs

Re-refined oil is a complex but highly reliable product that goes through vacuum distillation, pre-treatment processes such as sieving, dewatering, vacuum dehydration, short path distillation, and a variety of treatment processes to obtain a quality end-product comparable to virgin base oil, BMW says.

“For us at BMW Group Malaysia, our vision for sustainability is clear. In all our efforts to mitigate climate change, we ensure our strategy is both circular and responsible – as we pursue a verifiable and consistent path towards climate neutrality by 2050. In doing so, we drive forward the Group’s global ambition here with a local context, while inspiring more Malaysian industry leaders to place ESG at the forefront of their decision-making in 2023,” said Hans de Visser, MD of BMW Group Malaysia.

“This partnership is a meaningful one for us at Pentas Flora as we recognise the shared commitment between our organisations in championing sustainability and responsibility in our business processes, preserving the environment and ensuring that elements that can be harmful to the earth can be disposed in a responsible manner,” said Oon Kin Seng, group executive director of Pentas Flora.

BMW Malaysia recycles service centre waste oil and lube with Pentas Flora, 30k litres collected from 4 SCs

“Ultimately, our work in managing scheduled waste for clients across industries by providing end-to-end solutions for hazardous waste management, is part of a larger vision to build a sustainable environment and a better future for all Malaysians and we are pleased to be able to drive its importance with a partner like BMW Group Malaysia,” he added.

As part of BMW Group Malaysia’s RE:GENERATE programme to adopt circularity within the organisation, this collaboration with Pentas Flora is a crucial first step to ensuring not only proper automotive waste management, but also a firm departure from the traditional linear approach to valuable resources, the company says.

The goal is to achieve 100% participation in repurposing used oils and lubricants from all BMW dealers nationwide, while also encouraging more industry players to pay closer attention to waste management, ensuring that waste is no longer carelessly deposited into landfills, incinerated, or illegally dumped.

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  • Bob Mal on Jan 16, 2023 at 9:01 am

    Well Malaysia is already starting this nonsense too but please keep your Recycled oil only back to BMW only unlike all others brands Mercedes, Mazda we prefer to use brand new Petronas Engine Oil instead as we don’t go about selling our cars every 5 years like the 1st world country.

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