Next-generation MINI 5-Door Hatch gets rendered

Next-generation MINI 5-Door Hatch gets rendered

Now that it has been confirmed that there will be a next-generation MINI 5-Door Hatch to join the three-door model revealed just days ago, rendering wiz Theophilus Chin has used his talent to create renders of just what such a model will look like.

Using the latest MINI Cooper Electric as a base, Theo stretched the vehicle’s body and reconfigured the doors, windows and pillars to match. The design cues found on the three-door model, including the round headlamps, triangular taillights, flush door handles and wheels, are all carried over.

While the previous and latest generations of the 3-Door are available with an electric powertrain, this is not the case for the current 5-Door Hatch. However, this will likely change with the next model, and as previously reported, the 5-Door Hatch is expected to match the new 3-Door by having separate platforms for fully electric and internal combustion engine versions.

For now, MINI has announced two electric variants of the latest 3-Door, including the Cooper E and SE that offer as much as 218 PS, 330 Nm and an electric vehicle (EV) range of up to 402 km. It’s not known yet if the next 5-Door will get the same options, or improved ones to compensate the additional weight due to its larger body.

The next 5-Door is also expected to get the same retro-inspired interior as the 3-Door that features a large circular OLED touchscreen on the dashboard that provides access to many vehicle functions, while also doubling as a speedometer. There’s still some time to go before we get to see an all-new 5-Door, but what’s your take on these renders?

GALLERY: 2024 MINI Cooper Electric

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