Tesla wooed by Saudi Arabia and Turkiye for factory

Work to build Tesla’s latest confirmed factory in Mexico hasn’t even started yet, but there have been many rumours flying around on where the next Tesla factory site is.

Nevermind the constant tug of war between Malaysia and Indonesia for a factory in this region – today itself there has been two Tesla factory related news.

The first is news from WSJ that Saudi Arabia is in talks with Tesla about setting up a factory there, as part of its effects to diversity away from dependence on oil. According to WSJ, part of the carrot that Saudi Arabia is offering is the right to purchase rare metals and minerals needed to manufacture EVs.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund also has a big stake in Tesla’s competitor Lucid, and has also established a joint venture EV company with Foxconn called Ceer Motors, planning to sell EVs with technology licensed from BMW.

It was also reported today that Turkiye president Recep Tayyip Erdogan also invited Musk to build a Tesla factory in the country. The Turkish leader met Tesla CEO Musk in New York while Erdogan was in the US for the UN General Assembly.

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